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There’s not much out there on Danish singer Kwamie Liv. There’s a shadowy video from 2011, a cover of The Weeknd’s “What You Need,” and a couple of traces of past work that have been deleted.

And then there is “5 AM.”

It’s a dark song with subtle electronic production courtesy of Baby Duka, a hint of autotune, and a Lana Del Rey-like vibe. It’s the kind of song that you can imagine listening to in a dimly lit room clouded with cigarette smoke, and it’s the kind of song that immediately sparks a curiosity about the person singing it. James Poyser of The Roots tweeted about it, a few blogs picked it up, and Sudan’s only all-English radio station Capital Radio 91.6 just put the song in rotation. There’s an EP in the works, but no details about what will be included on that.

Right now, Kwamie isn’t doing interviews. In today’s saturated market, sometimes holding back a little is the most intriguing thing an artist can do. It’s the reason I’ve been searching for Kwamie Liv on the Internet for the past hour and I’m still in the dark with “5 AM” playing in my headphones, and it’s the reason that many people will be introduced to her through a single press photo and a SoundCloud stream. It’s a nice introduction. Embrace the chance to get to know Kwamie Liv now, before the rest of the world catches on and the mystery starts to dissolve.