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When Jon Tanners sent us BEA with the note “this could be a thing,” I knew it was worth hearing. Not because I do whatever Jon Tanners says (it’s actually usually the opposite), but when Jon cosigns someone outside of the hip-hop world, I know that artist is someone to pay attention to. After all, he was the first one of us to post about Lorde.

It takes about thirty seconds of hearing “Breadwinner” to know that Jon was right. BEA could certainly be “a thing.” The track initially relies on very minimal instrumentation before it beautifully adds lush synths once it reaches the chorus. At the forefront is BEA’s velvety voice that playfully teeters at a low whisper until she transitions into a much higher, equally impressive octave at the end of the song. Aside from this track, which is the only on her SoundCloud, an extremely scarce website, and that singular press shot above, not much is known about the singer. But when you have a sound as striking as hers, what else is there really to know?

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