MVSCLES landed up on our Best Artists of the Month in January, and their story of getting silenced by a major label and then breaking free from the deal to release “somethin” was a story that we could all get behind, because let’s face it—every music lover enjoys a good fuck-a-major-label success story.

It’s no surprise that MVSCLES ended up encountering problems with a major label, but it’s also no surprise that they got noticed in the first place. They are quirky and interesting in a way that may not immediately click with everyone, but they’re also unique, honest, and good enough to be extremely exciting to anyone who gets it.

This is the new video for their comeback single. It was made by splicing footage from band member Chad’s grandfather. Chad explains:

The music video for ‘somethin’ has been in the making for over 50 years. Back in 2011, before MVSCLES, Cat and I were visiting my family in Washington state, and my grandpa shared this beautiful footage from the 1960s with us. He had converted it from 8mm film to VHS. When I mentioned that I’d love to use it for music one day, he converted it to DVD right away (age 84!). The day after we edited the footage, we shared it with Grandpa & Grandma Montermini. We guided them on the phone to view it privately online, so we heard their initial reaction; lots of laughter. That made us happy. We learned that most of the footage was filmed by my great-grandfather; mostly taken of my relatives, along with beautiful shots from all around Washington & Oregon. Snowy landscapes at Hurricane Ridge, kids swinging on a prune tree in McCleary, floats adorned with beauty queens and bouquets, and a ferry crossing the bay invite you on a journey transcending the beautiful Pacific Northwest.