The melancholic melodies produced by Jamie Isaac have been haunting listeners far beyond his native London. With a clear, brooding voice and a delicate piano lines, the 19-year-old’s upcoming Blue Break EP could establish himself alongside King Krule as one of England’s musical elite.

Today we get a video for “She Dried,” one of the tracks from Blue Break. Directed by Phoebe Armstein and Stephen Ledger-Lomas, the video is a carefully composed scene in black and white in the style of photographer Irving Penn. Isaac sits opposite an old woman who seems carved from marble, moving slowly across an empty dinner table. The corresponding images—a wax hand, a light bulb in a vise, strands of white hair between rusted nails—build slowly with the song as Isaac’s sounds begin to build beyond minimalism.

All told, it’s a set of visuals that builds Isaac’s legend as a thoughtful, deliberate artist on the rise across multiple mediums. Blue Break is due out March 24.