Over the last three years, Los Angeles-based label and collective Soulection has successfully built a reputation for shedding light on ahead of the curve production from the likes of Ta-Ku, Sango, Atu, Evil Needle, and Lakim, billing itself as “The Sound of Tomorrow.” For much of its existence, that sound has meant a collection of beats warm, atmospheric, R&B-inspired, and often inventive in their samples and Dilla-derived rhythms.

In the lead up to his debut full-length album, This Is Her, Lakim delivers a single in “Thinkin Bout (Doin’ U)” that effortlessly visits the sexy, bass-y bounce of past Soulection releases, serving up an energetic, Cassie-sampling take on the sound that has won over a dedicated following. As the producer puts it, “Thinkin Bout” (and This Is Her) sees the producer “creating in my mind a Bride of Frankensteinesque ladyfriend and putting it into song form, lol…”

Sounds about right.

Listen to “Thinkin Bout (Doin’ U)” below.