Wonderfully talented British producer and singer FTSE is back with a new EP, Love Un Ltd, which will be released April 21 via Lucky Number. By the sounds of “Nite Life,” it will be as impressive a mixture of bass-heavy, spacious production and soul-bearing lyrics as his previous EP, FTSE II (which we premiered, and you can listen to here).

The first thing that stood out about FTSE’s music was the production, all moody and murky and totally engrossing, but as you listen to more and more of his songs, his sharp lyricism becomes clear. He is a master of highlighting those small details—the minutiae of everyday life—which make his songs all the more relatable. “Nite Life” features Femme (who leant her vocals to “Lost In Translation“), and might be his best release yet.

FTSE is on Facebook here.

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