Australian duo Audego captures the bittersweet vibes of a bad day and the one thing that can make it better. It’s a crawling, dismal affair with a touch of hope, like a single beam of sunlight shooting through the blind. From the band:

You know when you have one of those days that feels as though the shitness of it all is growing exponentially, and as the minutes drag past you’ve decided it’s best to just stay in bed for the rest of your life? You won’t even need to bother cleaning your stinky sheets, and you’re cool with it. It’s what you deserve. Then as the last prick of a straw is about to fall like a nail in the coffin, you find your silver lining. Or your crutch. That’s what ‘From my Blue’ is about. Things that pull you from the deep just before you sink. Pasobionic framed the honeyed vocal arrangement with gorgeous sample based production and lazy percussion creating a sweet and woozy lament with a happy ending.