Several months after releasing excellent debut single “Solar Laws,” Brooklyn band Yellerkin returns with an equally enjoyable, imaginative video to accompany it. Inspired by classic children’s book Where The Wild Things Are, the video follows the tale of a boy, a monster, and a magical world with dark whimsy (a story you can tease full depth from with the tumblr storybook singer Adrian Galvin assembled). It’s charmingly made, feeling as though it could have been a short film for which the song was chosen as a soundtrack rather than a music video inspired by a song (not that one is better than the other, but that is to say that it is enjoyable in itself as a visual experience accompanied by a great song, no matter how you hack it).

“Solar Laws” comes from the band’s debut EP which is out 2/4, the same day they play an opening set at NYC’s Rough Trade.

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