Confusion will probably mock my predilection for animated videos, but my love is not wholly unwarranted. A great animated video can show a dedication to craft, effort, and an imagination not present in even the biggest budget live-action videos.

The video for New York rapper Salomon Faye‘s latest single “Quest” is a hypnotic “motion painting”–a gorgeous, mostly black and white work by artist Ryan Bock that nicely complements Faye’s loose, “Umi Says“-style jazz-hop. It feels painstakingly constructed, a dimension that makes its already mesmerizing style that much more impressive. Faye explores new ground stylistically that still feels of a piece with the material he’s released so far, staking out enjoyable territory atop the influence of the more spiritual corners of late 90s/early 2000s Ummah hip-hop.

Watch “Quest” below.

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