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Detroit beatsmith JMSN has released a video for “The One,” one of the cuts of his recent †Pllajë† release. In a Tumblr explanation of “The One,” JMSN says:

We’re all afraid of things we don’t understand. So we put up a wall; a defense mechanism. We tear down things we don’t understand, as if they’re wrong. Right and wrong is relative. To each their own. This song is about wanting to find someone or something that could be the answer to all your problems, but questioning it; because deep down inside you know the only one that can solve the problems you have is yourself.

The video is an exquisite meditation on movement and expression, all viewed through the sheen of skintight bodybags. It is simultaneously horrifying and beautiful, a slasher flick turned love story. Stream the video above, and check out †Pllajë† here.

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