Since 2009, Rap Genius has existed as a primarily web-based mecca for hip-hop heads to use as a source for annotating the lyrics of popular rap songs. Over the years, the site has exploded with millions of users accessing Rap Genius daily and the scope of songs expanding far beyond just rap. Today, Rap Genius launches its first mobile iOS app called “Genius” for the iPhone, which now allows fans to read song lyrics with ease on the go. It also includes a Shazam-like feature which will allow the app to scan whatever song is playing in your vicinity and identify its lyrics. Additionally, the app syncs with the music stored on your phone, allowing you to view the lyrics for those songs as well.

But Rap Genius founder Mahbod Moghadam tells Pigeons & Planes, there are far greater plans in store for the “Genius” app:

The TRUE culmination of the app—and, thereby, the entire Genius Project—however, will be the version 2.0 feature, coming out in a couple months that will have the ability for celebrities/musicians to make Vine-style video annotations from their mobile phone. This will change the game, it will change the whole face of the site. Artist interaction is right now severely limited because musicians are always on tour; they have no access to a laptop, only to their phones. The Vine-style videos will make the entire site go verified green.

First step towards this—coming out very soon—will be the “cosign” button that will allow a celebrity to endorse a community annotation, turning it light green. But the full greenery of the Vine-style videos from mobile will completely revolutionize the site, it will officially become the finest balcony for messianic figures to communicate with their flocks. An Instagram video is good for two hours, a Genius video annotation from mobile is on the wall of history forever!

While the app is currently only available for iOS, TechCrunch reports an Android app is also in the works. The next version will also allow you to annotate lyrics via the app.

You can download the app for free via the Apple App Store. See screenshots of the new “Genius” app above.

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