One of the hardest tasks for new artists is holding on to buzz. Coming up with a flash of excellence and getting covered online is the first step, but the next step is keeping this buzz going, and that’s much more difficult. Our attention spans are short. We change our minds quicker than it takes for a YouTube ad to play all the way through.

Chicago rapper Ibn Inglor has a good solution for this: keep getting better. With each release, Ibn (rhymes with ribbon) sounds a little better, a little more unique, and a little more passionate. He hasn’t had that huge breakthrough moment yet, but that just seems to be fueling him. Just watch the performance with Drea Smith of PYYRAMIDS and you’ll feel it—the kid is passionate, and he knows how to deliver that passion. It’s enough to give you chills, and it’s enough to keep us paying attention to Ibn Inglor.

Here’s his latest track, part of DJ Booth’s freestyle series:

And check out the studio version/free download of “Fire” below:

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