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Despite his initial claims (made via this YouTube video) that his latest album would be a pussy infatuated record titled Eddie’s Dream, Mac DeMarco has now announced that the follow-up to his breakthrough album, 2, will be called Salad Days and is due in April. Probably for the best, especially considering that DeMarco is at his absolute best when he’s singing about love, and not the less appropriate bits.

The quiet announcement came in the form of an acoustic set and interview for Edmonton radio station CKUA. In the set he performed three new songs, all with very Mac DeMarco sounding song titles – including: “Salad Days,” “Let Her Go,” and “Treat Her Better.” The eternally cool singer even sings a guitar solo during one of the songs, because that’s just the type of thing he does. He mentions his upcoming record is finished, and that it’ll come out in the spring or he’ll “murder somebody.” It’s hard to imagine him hurting a fly, but it’s nice to know he’s got new material on the way.

Check out the first half of the show to listen to the acoustic set and interview.

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