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The beauty of music is its timelessness, its ability to live well beyond the artist who created it. And when never before heard music from a beloved artist who’s passed on resurfaces, it’s like welcoming a ghost into your heart. By the time music icon Johnny Cash’s career approached the ’80s, it was in shambles with Cash admittedly hanging on to a shell of himself as a musician. Though it appears that despite the despair born from an identity crisis he suffered during that time, the quality of some of his songs recorded then never let up. That material known both then and now as the album Out Among the Stars will finally see a release on March 25 some thirty years later.

Today, Cash and his late wife June Carter’s son John Carter Cash debuts the album’s first single “She Used to Love Me A Lot” via Rolling Stone. It’s a wispy ballad with earthy tones in which Cash reflects on memories of an old love. In selecting the song as the album’s first single, John Carter Cash says, “I really love this song. The depth that’s there reminds me of the real serious stuff that Dad did later in his life. And I truly think it’s one of the beautiful undiscovered gems in my dad’s catalog.”

Listen to “She Used to Love Me A Lot” here.


(Rolling Stone)

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