A year ago, Los Angeles-based DIY duo MVSCLES released two songs, “where you are” and “sweet and sour.” Then they disappeared. Right after they first started releasing music, they got stuck in a bad deal that prevented them from releasing new music for over a year. They managed to get out of the deal, and they’re back to self-releasing songs one a time, for now.

So what happened?

The duo, Chad and Cat, got linked up with a powerful label. “We’re not supposed to say who or give specifics,” Cat explains. “It’s part of the terms of being free with the rights to our music. Basically, they wanted to add songwriters and producers to our music. When we said no way they shut us out. They also wanted to change our band name. We had an identity crisis for a bit. We spent months having to stay quiet as a band and in the dark with our label. Chad worked as a mover. We kept polishing the productions and songs all year, and finally after over a year of being trapped they let us go. We’ve never appreciated the ability to release our music as much as we do now. We feel so thankful.”

A year after those first two songs, MVSCLES is free from the deal that kept them silent and back to releasing music with the excellent “somethin.”