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There are a lot of standard memories that come to mind when you reflect on your teenage years. School dances, cramming for a test in a class you never paid attention to, crushing hard on some guy or girl that was probably out of your league, first love and heartbreak. There was a lot of shit going on during those years. But when you reminisce on this time period, it’s difficult to think of these big life events without also thinking of what music was around to soundtrack these milestones. So in honor of nostalgia, here are some GIFs that perfectly describe what it was like to listen to music in your teens.

When you play the new CD you just bought and it reminds you of your crush.


When you put on that song to pump you up because you’re getting ready for the homecoming dance; feeling good, looking great.


When you’re out with your friends driving around looking for something to do and your favorite song comes on the radio.


When you get grounded and you slam your door and put on the loudest song you know because you’re a rebellious teen and parents just DON’T get anything at all.


When you’ve just broken up with your high school boyfriend/girlfriend and everything fucking sucks and the only thing you feel like doing is putting on Dashboard Confessional and crying in your room.


When you’re trying to study in your room and your favorite song comes on and it turns into a solo dance party.


When you smoke weed for the first time and the perfect song is playing in the background and you suddenly get how people become stoners.


When you have the girl you like over and you hit play on a playlist you created to impress her.


When you first learn to play a song on guitar and you think you sound awesome but in reality your fingers are too weak to play chords and your voice cracks when you sing with emotion.


When you’re losing your virginity and the most awkward song possible comes on but you just keep pumping because this feels so amazing.


When you throw a huge house party while your parents are out of town and someone starts a dance circle.


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