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Ready for another mysterious newcomer? Yeah, you are. This is Los Angeles-based singer Liphemra. According to Fader, Liphemra is a “skilled drummer” who plays percussion while she sings, and there’s some footage of those performances online, but not much else on her, except a Facebook bio that reads, “I do whatever I want” and a website with a lot of interesting imagery. Good enough.

“Bloodwork” moves like a panic attack. It pumps like a series of heart palpitations, steady enough to keep you alive but a little unsettling. It features rapper MED, whose delivery adds just the right touch of stability to a song that otherwise feels like it might crack down the middle and split into pieces. It’s the first song she’s shared in a year (since “Young”), and if it’s a sign of things to come, there will be a whole lot of “Who is Liphemra?” in 2014.

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