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Adna is a 19-year-old singer from—guess where—Scandinavia. She was born in Gothenberg, Sweden, but she just moved out to Berlin, Germany. “The main reason I decided to leave Sweden was because I feel there is more room for my music, and the music I’d like to work with in the future, in Berlin,” she explains. “Right after New Year’s Eve, thinking it would be a good way to start the new year. And it was!”

“Night” is the title track and new single from Adna’s upcoming debut album, set to drop on February 5 via Despotz Records. She calls her music pop, but this isn’t your typical bubbly, feel-good radio pop. Her music sounds like her press photos look—serious, delicate, cold, and pretty.

“I’ll always create my music the way I feel that I have and want to do it,” she says. “And I’d be happy and grateful if the radio stations would like it. But I don’t think I’d create something just to get on the radio, no. I’m losing my own thoughts and ideas then, and that’s not really why I chose to work with music.”

Hear “Night,” as well as two other singles from her upcoming debut, below.

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