SoundCloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on the brand new music, we dig into the SoundCloud archives and pull out some gems. This week’s theme is artists from Birmingham. Enjoy.

Swim Deep’s breakout hit is a feel-good, summertime song with a massive chorus.


These pulsating, spacey sounds from Arthur Lang will take you to another dimension.


Troumaca’s tropical-tinged sounds will transport you to a Caribbean beach.


Flying the flag for Birmingham producers, Preditah made his name with gritty grime beats but has been putting out glistening garage recently.


Peace’s debut album is packed with both angular, spiky riffs (“Wraith”) and warm, Beach Boys-esque melodies (“California Daze”).


The Streets. Legendary business. If you’ve ever been fucked up in a crowded club, you’ll understand this tune.


BONUS: Gucci Mane is originally from Birmingham too. Birmingham, Alabama. #FREEGUCCI


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