This Week's Best EDM, Featuring Major Lazer, Branchez, and MK

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You know what’s funny? There’s a huge conglomerate buying up a number of products and companies in hopes to have a stranglehold on the EDM scene. They don’t call it EDM anymore; they’re branding it as “EMC,” aka “electronic music culture.” Maybe they are just as tired of the EDM buzzword as you are. And while I personally use EDM interchangeably with “dance music,” EMC is not something I endorse. THAT’S the real term that you should be fearing. Don’t fear me, though; I’m just your friendly neighborhood dance music blogger, giving you all kinds of treats on the regulack. Here, watch me work…

Major Lazer – Lazer Strikes Back, Vol. 6: The Last Chapter

While I’m not sure if this is truly “the last chapter” (as I swear I’d heard them say that before), this collection of Free the Universe reworks from Mungo’s Hi Fi and So Shifty play well at highlighing the love of dub/reggae/dancehall and bass music that Major Lazer represent.

Katy B – “Crying For No Reason (Morri$ Remix)”


Styles&Complete – “OMG”

It’s been almost a year since I heard this Lion King-sampling trap anthem. Glad the guys finally decided to let it loose.

Lockah – “If Loving U Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Wrong”

Lockah’s got a new LP, Yahoo or the Highway, set to drop April 14, and this single is the first glimpse at what he’s trying to do. Luckily, what he’s trying to do is amazeballs.

Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – “DYWT”

There’s something about when Treasure Fingers and The Knocks get together; they make all kinds of sultry house magic.

Branchez – “Told Me”

Branchez with his forever wins. Don’t know what to call this outside of “amazing.”

Lone – “Dream Ahead”

Were you one of the many who fell in love with Rustie’s Essential Mix from 2012? If so, this tune should be etched into your brain. It’s available for free, and is all kinds of amzing.

Sam Smith – “Money On My Mind (MK Remix)”

The legendary MK puts his signature stamp on Sam Smith’s debut single.

Green Lantern & DJ Craze – “Rocket Launcher”

These two spent years killing the hip-hop scene before dipping into dance music, and both have come out shining. It only makes sense that they’d link up for this moombah/dancehall-laced slammer.

Buku – “Click Clack”

Futuristic turn up.

Josh Butler – “Get Up”

We’ll end this one on a pretty vibrant cut. Get your proper club on.