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Refusing to stay out of the news for even a week, Kanye West is under investigation from the Beverly Hills Police following an alleged assault on an 18-year-old man. The apparent assault took place yesterday afternoon (January 13) in a chiropractor’s office, after the man supposedly yelled racial and homophobic slurs at Kanye and his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian.

The 18-year-old was reportedly helping Kardashian enter the building, yelling about the nearby paparazzi and referring to them as “f*ggot-ass n*ggers.” Kim asked the man to stop his bad language, to which he responded with more racial and homophobic slurs. Kanye arrived on the scene shortly after, and apparently ran into the chiropractor’s waiting room, where an altercation occurred. Cops were called immediately after this, and the 18-year-old said that he wanted to press charges. By this time, Kanye and Kim had both left.

It’s not entirely clear whether this all true or not, but back in November Kanye had similar charges pressed against him by a paparazzo. Police confirmed yesterday that Kanye West is now a suspect in a misdemeanor battery assault probe in Beverly Hills.


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