Ellinor Olovsdotter’s Elliphant project is set to embark on a massive European tour this January. Her infusions of dubstep and hip-hop have been compared to M.I.A., but Elliphant’s darker side separates the former model from her influences.

The Swedish songstress released a new video for an old song today, a fresh set of visuals for “Where Is My Mama At?” It follows the punk beginnings of a trio of pre-teens standing in for the artist, tromping through construction sites and around the screen with a sass usually reserved for home movies.

There are hints that this is a recreation of an Elliphant video before she was Elliphant—clips of the real Ellinor (dressed in the same outfit at her tween stand-in) flash across the screen as the song reaches its climax.

But this isn’t the first video for “Where Is My Mama At?” You can check out the first one below after giving the new release a look above.

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