In Kanye West’s recent run of epic interviews, he’s alluded to putting out the follow-up to Yeezus as early as next summer. But what he neglected to share is a bomb just dropped on Elliott Wilson’s Life + Times show “The Truth”: Q-Tip and Rick Rubin will be producing it. That knowledge comes from A Tribe Called Quest’s iconic emcee Q-Tip himself, saying very matter-of-factly around the interview’s 8-minute mark, “I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin, so that’s coming.” Whether or not the two hip-hop legends will be co-executive producing the album together or just taking turns with production creds on all the songs, the details are too sparse to tell at the moment. For now, all we know is there will be a new Kanye West album in 2014 and it will be produced by Q-Tip and the gawd Rick Rubin.

Once the headline settles, the entire interview’s worth a watch as Q-Tip reflects on the end of an era for A Tribe Called Quest’s live shows, the 20th anniversary of Midnight Marauders, his new work with Busta Rhymes, and his DJ career. Watch the interview above.



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