We have Australia’s Oscar Key Sung marked out to do big things in 2014. His debut solo EP is scheduled for release early next year, and it’s a wonderfully varied six track effort that moves from soft and seductive to the more upbeat style we heard on “All I Could Do.” Now, he’s hit us with an exclusive mix, one that is How To Dress Well-esque in its haziness, which he describes as:

A collection of down tempo tracks I find inspiring, with a common theme of vocal processing whether it be in beddings, samples, vocoder autoune and pitch shifting. This is not a “club mix”, its a “stay at home trying to be productive when you cant get lustful thoughts and pangs of missing someone out of your head” mix, in a way where you kind of enjoy the pain. Enjoy! OKS

Get lost in the dreamy mix—which even manages to incorporate some Miley in a non-offensive manner—now, and find the tracklisting below.

1. Climax – Usher (oks edit)
2. Justin Bieber – PYD
3. FKA Twigs – Papi Pacify
4. VERACOM – Thugluv2
5. Drake – Come Thru (edit)
6. Laurie Anderson – O Superman (Oks edit)
7. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking ball (Namine Remix)
8. Banoffee – Reign Down
9. Aaliyah – Rock the boat
10. Knxledge – Loavhorts
11. Tirzah- slow jam
12. Oneohtrix point never – Zebra
12. Major Napier- Please stay
13. Swv – Weak (oks edit)

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