For the unlucky Lupe Fiasco fans who elected not to hit the follow button on Lupe’s Twitter before he made his account private, you’re missing out. While the rapper generally tweets musings, wisdom, jokes, and hip-hop reviews, last night he took to the social media platform to begin writing a short novel comprised entirely of 140-character tweets titled Teriyaki Joe: Neo-Harlem Detective. It’s a sprawling stream of consciousness about life in what Lupe calls neo-Harlem, described as an “Afro-Futurist novel that will be written entirely on Twitter” which he intends to publish over the next two months.

And its chapters, released in 20-30 series of tweets, recall the poetic, socially conscious storytelling Lupe Fiasco has built a career on with a nod to Janelle Monae’s Metropolis series. Read the first two chapters below and be on the lookout for his fifth studio album Tetsuo & Youth to drop in early 2014.


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