With their debut album If You Wait now available all over the internet, London Grammar has reached back into the archives and unearthed the previously unreleased “Everywhere You Go.” It’s one of the first songs the band ever recorded, and though it’s a far cry from where they are today, the blissed-out, lighthearted tune is full of the talent that has blossomed since.

Featuring little more than acoustic guitar, an un-snared snare drum, and Hannah Reid’s soaring vocals, “Everywhere You Go” is a sweet piece of songwriting imbued with a light step and clear eyes.

“The naïvety of the recording is something we all still love,” said guitarist Dan Rothman. “We never revisited the track, but it still has a place in our hearts, and reminds us of our first steps as London Grammar.” Stream “Everywhere You Go” below:

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