King Krule braved the Nardwuar assault and came out clean. Because Nardwuar can rub people the wrong way. Remember when he interviewed Nas? (“you are fucking nuts, you are a fucking psycho…but it’s all love“).

No such friction this time around. Nardwuar and King Krule nerd out in the best of ways, starting with a review of young Archy Marshall’s extensive family history in music. His mother, uncle, and godfather all laid the path for Marshall in British rock and ska bands before he was of age—a fact Marshall acknowledges by wearing his uncle’s big suit when he takes the stage as King Krule.

It’s a refreshingly honest conversation. As always, Nardwuar fills his guest’s arms up with vinyl and CDs, but these are real gifts, not novelty gimmicks. And Marshall, for his part, is genuinely thankful. He also calls Nardwuar a stalker, but to be fair Nardwuar’s a bit of a stalker.

Finally, Marshall answers the question somebody at some time may have thought about: why should we care about King Krule?

“You don’t have to care, man. I don’t care about a lot. If you like it, you like it.”

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