There’s been a running theme in Kanye West’s radio interviews: fashion and his frustration with being marginalized by corporations. Rarely does the conversation gravitate toward music, but in an interview on the Juan Epstein podcast with Pete Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds, which was recently previewed, he discusses his past as a producer in-depth and how he came up in the rap game. Today, the full 30-minute podcast is available for streaming and it’s a real treat for hip-hop nerds who only want to hear Kanye talk rap.

In the interview, Kanye talks about his early influences as a producer, how he had to adjust to deal with Drake’s success, his frustrations writing Yeezus, how Michael Jackson inspired 808s and Heartbreak, and so much more. He ends the interview by mocking Rawkus Records founders Jarret Myer and Brian Brater for not signing him. He also gives context to his recent comments about fashion, comparing his struggle to break into that industry with his struggle to get signed as a rapper when he was only known as a producer at the time. While the interview officially ends around the 30-minute mark, a few minutes are recorded afterward where you can hear Kanye talk briefly about his next album.

Listen to the complete interview below.


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