By most measures, it’s been a pretty great year for Chicago crew SAVEMONEY. At the forefront, Chance the Rapper arose out of the first half as a star in the making, embarking on a rapid ascent that sees perhaps its most interesting and wide-screen turn yet this coming Sunday when the 20-year-old emcee joins Justin Bieber on the singer’s newest single. Vic Mensa, formerly the voice of Kids These Days, solidified his profile as a solo artist to watch with a string of strong singles culminating in his solid INNANETAPE. Other members like Tokyo Shawn and Joey Purp delivered videos and singles, respectively, that hinted at their potential while slowly broadening awareness.

Largely quiet in 2013 has been one of the crew’s most promising members, Kami de Chukwu.

Just in time for the year to draw to a close, Kami drops off “EAT.,” an all-too-short entry in his catalog, but easily one of his more engaging performances since his mixtape Light came out last August. “EAT.” overflows with passion, Kami wielding his typically dense flow with precision and vibrance (at one point midway through the song, he jumps into an off-kilter cadence reminiscent of Kendrick’s breath-killing final stanzas on “The Heart Pt. 2”) to pay homage to his SAVEMONEY family. “EAT.” is enflamed stream of consciousness spilled out over a mellow beat in under two minutes, a brief window into a world of a rapper finding his voice–a world still teeming with possibilities.

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