Brooklyn singer/producer Richie.Quake’s Facebook page is delightfully free of biographical information. For the curious browser, Quake provides links to all of his music and social media accounts. He shares updates about video shoots and shouts out blogs that have posted his music, generally engaging in the usual, recommended behavior for an artist looking to promote himself online. In some cases, this sort of scarcity of information might be a distraction, a reminder that mystery is still a promotional tactic of choice for emerging artists. In the instance of Richie.Quake, withholding contextual details focuses attention on what matters most: The music.

Quake’s latest project Visions is a charmingly raw eight song collection. Employing a variety of modern sounds and production techniques, Quake crafts indie pop that seamlessly blends a variety of styles (hip-hop, experimental electronic music, alt R&B, traditional acoustic singer/songwriter music, fuzzed-out funk) into a set that feels immensely personal–the sort of music that does away with the need for a lengthy, overblown biography. Album highlights “Faces,” “Ruby,” “About Time,” and the titular first song give the full display of Quake’s developing talents, hinting at his potential and providing an enjoyable listen all the same.

(Hilly Dilly)

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