Isn’t it nice when musicians show gratitude and give back to their fans? Today, Flying Lotus shared a 133-megabyte (that’s a lot of megabytes, just in case you were wondering) .zip file via Twitter as a generous thank you to his fans, which contains some new and previously released material. The cherry on top of getting some new FlyLo is how this compilation features everyone from Mapei to Viktor Vaughn to Kanye West—yes, Yeezus himself. Check out the entire list of features below, and get started on your download now, because even though it’ll take a while, you can bet that it’ll be worth it.

UPDATE: The .zip file includes a load of old beats, a Thundercat remix/version of “Black Skinhead,” “Between Villains” with Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM alias Viktor Vaughn, and a song with recent P&P fave Mapei, co-produced by DJ Mehdi.



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