Earlier this week we reported that Dev Hynes (producer, songwriter, and the man behind Blood Orange) lost all his possessions, and his dog Cupid, in a fire that occurred in his apartment on Monday night. The reaction from the music community, and beyond, was swift and supportive, with over $24, 000 currently having been donated to a fund set up by girlfriend’s mother to help the singer. Today, Dev has reacted to the events of the past few days in a thoughtful and thankful Tumblr post which also addresses how he feels “extremely uncomfortable” about all the money being donated when there are others in similar situations who have nothing, and no means to earn.

This isn’t me saying I don’t need the money, to reiterate, i have lost everything. But maybe it’s time I down some anxiety medication see a doctor and try and play some shows y’know?

He goes on to say that he plans to give the money to three charities, which he will explain more about at a later date, but invites anyone who has donated to email him with their thoughts and comments on where the money should go.

Read Dev’s full Tumblr post here.

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