With 2013 coming to a close, Chance the Rapper took some time to reflect on what’s been a remarkable year for him in a new interview with British GQ’s Andy Morris. For this very insightful Q&A, Chance announces that he’s currently shooting a video for the Acid Rap hidden track “Paranoia” that’s “basically the same” as the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in terms of cinematography. He also shares some anecdotes about interning for Barack Obama, the day Michael Jackson died, and his relationship with Donald Glover.

At one point, he even admits to making up his infamous tweet “Kanye likes Acid Rap” from back in July saying, “I have no idea what Kanye thinks of Acid Rap or even if he’s even ever heard of me – but what  if he did? I tweeted it just to fuck with the world – but it’s fucked up the world because people started believing a little white lie.”

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See a few highlights from the interview below.

On Michael’s Jackson’s death:
I remember that day like it’s happening right now. We were downtown, I was with my best friend Justin, we were arguing about some trivial stuff. I was just about to start fighting and I just remember he looked down because he got a text. I remember feeling weird, it felt like downtown was moving slower. I called my Mom – and you call your Mom when some crazy shit happens…For the third grade talent shows that was a thing for me: when I got famous I was going to rap at the Michael Jackson tribute concert when he was 60 at the BET awards. That was my thing – it was a weird feeling. It still doesn’t feel real.

On his early interactions with Barack Obama:
I saw [Barack] a lot when I was really young he did this thing when he was running for congress when he went to everybody’s house in seven different wards in Chicago. He went door to door and sat in their living rooms – just sat and talked to people. I remember when he was doing our block, he did our house even though he knew us, he just came and chilled for a second. He is the man.

On Donald Glover:
Man, I learned so much from Donald. I definitely learned that when you sign off on contracts you give someone a percentage of your worth. Whether it be signing a lawyer, a business manager, a label or anybody. You’re giving them a percentage of all your earnings. The thing with Donald is he’s very normal, just talking like anybody else, but randomly he’ll give a lecture, mid-way through joking around. Then he’ll just go back to laughing and joking about dicks.

Read the full interview at British GQ. And stay tuned for Chance’s recently teased Social Experiment project.


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