It’s getting to be time we stop mentioning Chance the Rapper every time Vic Mensa comes up. The Chicago rappers still spotlight as central pillars of the SAVEMONEY crew, but Vic has begun to distinguish himself as an artist capable of holding his own.

“YNSP” is off Mensa’s Innanetape mixtape that was released last month. With more than a little help from Eliza Doolittle, “YNSP” is one of the tape’s best, highlighted by Mensa’s stuttering delivery and Doolittle’s pitch-perfect chorus.

The video itself has Mensa’s manic energy written all over it—we shoot out of a wormhole into a veritable flipbook of TV and Youtube screens. The camera jumps from screen to screen with a hyperactive excitement, unsure whether to define this world as digital or extraterrestrial. Everything and everyone is split and fragmented a thousand times over, the perfect match for Mensa’s unadulterated drive.