Odd Future are notorious for their controversial, absurd brand of humor. So when Tyler, The Creator began tweeting last night about a horror flick the group filmed in honor of Halloween, The Ghost of the Hotel, and called it “one of the greatest movies of all time,” fans probably knew exactly what to expect. Here’s the official YouTube About section premise of the hilariously low-budget short film:

A Little Girl Dies By The Stairs In A Hotel And Detective Ray And Tony Has To Find Out Who Did It Before Its Too Late……….

Tyler, Jasper, Lionel, Taco And Earl Thought Of This At 4 In The Morning Knowing It Would Be One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time.

Basically, a little girl (played by Taco) is murdered by what the group believes to be a ghost haunting the hotel. Somewhere between a lot of giggling and inexplicable whispering, Earl Sweatshirt (as Detective Ray) and L-Boy (as Detective Tony) go on their Ghostbusters flow to try and get to the bottom of things. I think you can guess the identity of the ghost.

All jokes aside, the film is receiving rave reviews:

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