With the sheer volume of content we try to parse through everyday, it’s not surprising that something quite cool might miss our attention for a whole seven months. Pencil have erasers, keyboards have “delete” keys, and there are all sorts of ways to make right your unintentional sins.

Before diving into a description of Cleveland singer/producer Freeze-Tag’s music, a moment to let the man speak for himself:

Ohio Born Electronic Artist Freeze-Tag introduces a dance based ‘prisma-chromatic’ sound inspired by retrograde and futuristic tones, as well as the unification of visual art and music.

After listening to Freeze-Tag’s Eskimo EP, it’s still sort of unclear what a “prisma-chromatic” sound is, but it appears to involve warm, synth-based R&B beats, reverb-soaked vocals pinches of vintage Neptunes and Timbaland, and a definite affinity for Little Dragon. If any of those elements appeal, Eskimo is certainly worth the next twenty-three minutes and forty-six seconds of your day. Stream it below and envision Ludacris rapping while you zone out to the stellar title track.

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