Tyler, the Creator has never been just a rapper. The Odd Future conglomerate is just that, a multi-faceted team of artists that have tried their hand at everything from Adult Swim to socks. Tyler is the embodiment of this many-headed monster, taking a swipe at any and every art form that looks like fun.

But when NPR released a first look at “Glowing,” a music video Tyler directed, it didn’t feel like another hobby that the OF ringleader had picked up on the side to pass the time. The music video played a big part in Odd Future’s rise. Where would they be without the video for “Yonkers?”

“Glowing” depicts a lifelong love juxtaposed with the horror and violence of humanity. Two children fall in love and grow old together, skipping through daisy fields while famine, war, and torture play out on TV screens in the background. Tyler won’t reveal the artist, though given the sound and Tyler’s friendships we’re pretty sure it’s Chester French. It’s a bittersweet ballad that takes on some twisted undertones once overlaid with Tyler’s visuals. Stream the video above and look out an official announcement on the artist.

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