Everything The Neighbourhood does is in black and white—press photos, music videos, cover art, clothing, even their live television performances. It has become a calling card of the band and a testament to their sense of aesthetics, and it’s worked. But today, The Neighbourhood hits us with a remix by OG Ron C and something very different: purple. The band’s lead singer, Jesse, explains:

We always stick to the vision. None of our minds stray too far from black and white at any time. We’ve found a lot of comfort in it. It’s a way we’ve been able to find ourselves. Some people view it as a gimmick. A lot of people think it’s stupid, silly, or pretentious, but for us it’s a lot more than that. We started this unit together and through our contrast we’ve made a name for ourselves and we remain positive and loyal to one another. This is 100% who we are.

So when it came time to start reaching out to artists to do remixes it was kind of a weird idea to expand outside of our direct family. Then the idea came up about having OG Ron C take a shot at giving our record his Houston touch. We thought it’d be cool to have someone who, like us, made a name for themselves and their movement in their own way. No one told them they had to slow things down or make purple the color of their culture. They did it themselves. So now black and white is getting some purple mixed in. tThis doesn’t mean we are adding color to our vision. This is out of respect for Ron C and Houston for coming together with us on this collaboration. A lot of people won’t understand this, but for those who do… cheers.

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