With so much music surfacing every day and so many new artists fighting to capture the attention of an audience incapable of focusing on one thing for more than two seconds, making a strong first impression is more important than ever before. If this is your first time hearing Sweden’s Mapei, “Don’t Wait” will do the trick.

When I first heard this song I saved it for later, since it only had a couple thousand plays and I was deep into watching 2Pac’s Resurrection documentary for the 150th time. Last night I went back to “Don’t Wait” on Soundcloud and it has nearly 200,000 plays. Well damn.

This may be the first time many people are falling head over heels for Mapei, but she first broke into the U.S. four years ago with The Cocoa Butter Diaries EP. New or not, this single is the kind of song that can take an artist to the next level. It drops on November 5 on Downtown Records, and by that time, “Don’t Wait” will already be an indie hit. The song’s immediacy is undeniable, but as catchy and sharp as it is, it avoids being basic. Think Santigold but a little more minimal and a little more soulful with an R&B flavor.

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