Sepultura’s Igor Cavalera is the latest to dive into a project with James Murphy. Now that the Arcade Fire album is wrapped up, Murphy is moving on to the next mission, and this time it’s “a metal version of the White Stripes.” Murphy convinced Cavalera to record the album with his brother and fellow former Sepultura member Max. Iggor explained to the Guardian, “James Murphy approached me with the record idea, but eventually suggested some others. To start with, he wants only the two of us in the studio, like a metal version of the White Stripes. He also wants nothing but the two of us on stage.”

But less people doesn’t necessarily mean a more tame sound. “He basically asked me to get rid of the rest of the band,” Igor says. “Cavalera Conspiracy has four members and two records. Murphy asked us to start from scratch as a duo. According to him, ‘this will come to be the heaviest record of our careers’. He promised me that.”

(The Guardian)