Kelela was a recent discovery, but with the release of her incredible CUT 4 ME mixtape today on Fade To Mind, she’s proved herself to be one of the most interesting, unique new voices in current R&B and pop. This is partly due to her inspired choice of producers, who all come from the genre-defying Night Slugs and Fade To Mind camps, and partly reliant on her own vocals, which are the perfect mix of R&B diva sweetness and something more heartfelt and personal.

“When I heard Girl Unit and Bok Bok for the first time, I was losing my mind. I was just floored. I was like, This is the production of my goddamn dreams. So I just started writing, by myself in my room,” Kelela told Rookie Mag, and now the mixtape is out, we can see exactly why she wanted to get involved with these guys. It’s a combination that just works so very well.

Check out two of the songs off the mixtape below, and click here to go to Fade To Mind for a free (!) download of the entire project.


01. Guns & Synths [Prod. Bok Bok, Napolian, Tariq & Garfield]
02. Enemy [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
03. Floor Show [Prod. Girl Unit]
04. Do It Again [Prod. NA]
05. Go All Night (Let Me Roll) [Prod. Morri$]
06. Bank Head (Extended) [Prod. Kingdom]
07. Cut 4 Me [Prod. Kingdom]
08. Keep It Cool [Prod. Jam City]
09. Send Me Out [Prod. Kingdom]
10. Go All Night (Let it Burn) [Prod. Morri$]
11. Something Else [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
12. A Lie [Prod. Bok Bok]
13. Cherry Coffee [Prod. Jam City]

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