Over the past months and weeks we’ve been forced to piece together shards of information surrounding the release of Arcade Fire‘s fourth studio album, Reflektor. First we learned that James Murphy had joined the band in studio. Next mysterious artwork and other hints began hitting social media feeds. David Bowie was then rumored to be involved, etc. etc. etc. Last week a somewhat firm piece of information surfaced: the band would be releasing a new single and video tonight (Monday, September 9) at 9 p.m.

Naturally as a consequence of the Internet, the new single “Reflektor” reportedly leaked online over the weekend, apparently prompting the group to take matters into their own hands by releasing this amazing new interactive video a bit early. Why put off until tonight what you can do this morning? Or so the old saying goes. Directed by longtime collaborator Vincent Morisset, these visuals follow a similar interactive theme to past efforts like “Neon Bible” and “The Wilderness Downtown.” You can learn more about the making of the video and technology used here and here.

Now in order to experience the new video, there are a few rules that you will have to follow. We’ve kindly shared those in the list below.

1. Make sure your web browser is updated, or simply use Chrome.
2. Visit www.justareflektor.com to initiate the process.
3. Have a mobile phone, tablet or other web-enabled portable device handy if possible. Otherwise your mouse will do.
4. Sit back and have your mind blown to pieces for like 5 – 7 minutes.

Once you regain consciousness, ponder the following:

1. Is the image below the album artwork for Reflektor as speculated by the folks at Pitchfork? (Maybe)
2. Arcade Fire will be the musical guest for SNL’s season opener on September 28 alongside host Tina Fey. (Fact)

Poss New Artwork