As I write this post, I occasionally look up and see a beautiful day outside my window. I haven’t gone outside yet, but I’m sure at some point the inescapable allure of coffee and the enjoyable byproduct of sunshine will probably pull me from my perch.

All of that can wait. For now, I’m listening to Yung Gutted‘s Internet Graveyard Vol. II, which, if your imagination is still kicking into gear, is about as far from “perfect soundtrack to a sunny day” as one could get. Packed to the brim with bone-rattling bass, left-field samples (a snippet of thrash metal and an unsettling clip of 1960s country-pop singer Skeeter Davis on “End of the World” are particularly inspired choices), and all sorts of eerie screams, scrapes, and vocals, Internet Graveyard Vol. II sounds like Rob Zombie using Three 6 Mafia bootlegs to score a Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

If you’re in the market for something dark that might make your subwoofer explode, Yung Gutted has you covered.

Now, time for that coffee and sunshine.