All horrible implications and realities aside, it must be pretty awesome to be at the head of a corrupt government. Anything goes! Sure, it might not last forever, your people might despise you for the rest of your time on Earth…but shit, flying Kanye West into Kazhakstan for your grandson’s wedding is pretty much the definition of a power move. That’s what Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazhakstan’s first and only president, did for his grandson this Labor Day weekend. The boy was getting married, so, you know…Kanye. Thanks Grampa!

Kazhakstan’s government isn’t exactly the cleanest in the world, but I bet they throw a great party. Mr. President threw down at the Hotel Royal Tulip, which I can only assume is one of a kind in Kazhak hills. Kanye was reportedly paid between $2-3 million to play the gig, adding a hilarious little folktale to his history of bold moves and decision-making. This one probably goes somewhere behind Taylor Swift and ahead of the faux hawk.

One guest took a quick video of Kanye performing “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Check it out below:

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