Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best dishes.

In describing the elements of SAVEMONEY crew member Tokyo Shawn‘s “I Know You” video, you might imagine it to be a plain performance clip, the rapper flanked by three skilled dancers. In practice, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, a whimsical video that squeezes every bit of kinetic energy out of the dancers’ choreography through artful cinematography and camera movement, and an attention-grabbing special effect: Blotting out the trio’s faces with blurry circles. “I Know You” is the product of clever craft, enjoyable in both its execution and sheer sense of fun.

“I Know You” also serves up a fine example of synergy between song and video, the dancers ever-intensifying performances perfectly mirroring the song’s playful soul-bounce and Shawn’s sing-song love rhymes, adding to the experience of the music rather than playing as neutral accompaniment. It’s the sort of imagery you remember when you carry the song away with you beyond the confines of YouTube.

So press play and give into the dance, wherever you are.

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