Purity Ring is back in the news after being shortlisted for Canada’s illustrious Polaris Music Prize. The Edmonton duo have paired with London’s Jon Hopkins to release a pair of beautiful collaborations — Hopkins’s “Breathe This Air” featuring Purity Ring and the previously released Purity Ring track “Amenamy” remixed by their English PIC.

It’s tough to pick a favorite out of the two, but “Amenamy” is the more seamless collaboration by a nose. Megan James’s vocals shimmer and shake above huge drums and subtly angelic synths to create the kind of mood that has helped Purity Ring’s star rise so fast, a melancholic swan song that puts you instantly at ease. Hard copies of the 12″ will be given out at Purity Ring’s L.A. shows at the end of the month. If you happen to be one of those lucky few with tickets to the show, get there early.