“I cut my heart open for you so I could feel it bleed.” That’s the opening line to Cage‘s new song, “The Hunt,” and with that line, Cage appropriately marks his return. Over the years he has remained an underground staple, but he’s gone from Eastern Conference Records to Definitive Jux to working with Kid Cudi and Shia Lebouf, and few artists, especially in hip-hop, have gone through such a drastic evolution.

Today, he announces a new album and a return to Eastern Conference with a new album Kill The Architect, coming October 22. Kill The Architect features the production of DJ Mighty Mi, who Cage worked with heavily on his debut album, Movies for the Blind. “The Hunt” is a reflection of Cage’s progression, but it’s also very much in line with the dark material we’ve come to expect.

Check out “The Hunt” below, and download the song here.

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