Budo has made a name for himself as a producer for hip-hop acts like Macklemore, Grieves, Slug (Atmosphere), Mr. Lif, and Cunninlynguists, but on his new project, he’s providing more than just beats. His upcoming album, The Finger & The Moon, features vocals laid down by Budo himself, and it has him exploring a sound far more expansive than what fans of his past work have been exposed to.

To get a feel for what’s in store, check out the first single, “Barcelona,” below. The Finger & The Moon drops on October 8.

“Love can be overwhelming, filled with hope, despair, happiness, and everything in between. I can be everything, and it can be too much. I went to Barcelona six months ago, sat outside a cafe on the cobblestone streets of the centuries-old Gothic Quarter, wrote a eulogy to a love so strong that it knocked me off course and turned my world upside down. I sealed that eulogy in an empty bottle of Vichy Catalan water and floated it off into the Mediterranean Ocean. I waved goodbye to my love, sent her off and set myself free.” – Budo

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