In making “Out Of Control,” London producer and vocalist Jagga sought to move beyond the “the carefully crafted vocal melodies and standard musical structures” that were expected of him when he was signed to a major label. Having parted ways with the label, he’s let his creativity loose to make this sweeping, brooding, cinematic beauty of a song. Jagga’s desperate vocals are ably supported by an orchestral backing which builds and builds before warm bass bubbles up out of nowhere to engulf the song’s latter stages.

Of the song’s influences Jagga says: “Around the same I had fallen in love with an album called Close To You by Markus Stockhausen, the way Markus plays one phrase or sometimes just a note then lets it hang in the air before playing another, it sounds cheesy but the space becomes as important as the notes he plays. I wanted to try and achieve the same thing with my vocal.”

Listen to the impressive “Out Of Control,” and check out more of his music on Soundcloud.

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