We got a taste of New York City’s CharlieRED, the duo consisting of vocalist/songwriter Rocki Evans and producer Cobaine Ivor, with “GreenGREED,” and we’ve got MUSE, an entire album that you’ll be able to download for free until September 3. The duo combines hip-hop elements with a bluesy rock sound, and while the whole rap-rock thing doesn’t always work out, these guys are doing it with style. From CharlieRED:

This album was inspired by two unexplainable yet cherished moment in our life. One, we came across a homeless guy that pretty much explained our life to our faces. Saying things like, “You’re the future, if you don’t make it through there’s no future,” after giving Rocki a Gold dollar for a quarter. Secondly: This Maya Angelou poem about what a MUSE is also provided a “light bulb” experience for us that furthered our inspiration.

With these things paired together, it created the mood and temperament for MUSE.

As far as fitting in, we go against every “rule” music has set for today’s culture. But we also offer a familiar enough energy for the world to relate to when they press play. There is no one doing what we’re doing, no sound like ours is around at the moment AND it’s real. Coming from a producer, there are NO samples on the album. Cobaine Ivory played every instrument. From a songwriting/vocalist standpoint, Rocki Doesn’t write one single lyric. He’s said he relies on “the spirit of the room to determine what the song is to be,” labeling himself a vessel for the universe to use as a creative tool of sorts.

Lastly, We weren’t really trying to do much with this album but continue the flow of good energy between two parties, Rocki Evans & Cobaine Ivory.

Listen below, and download the album for free (until September 3) here.

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